Her work is a virulent testimony to the orient, and to her native country. Various textures, woven compositions of a poetic breath, developed structures, unanimated objects touching her soul. Young people tend to deny their origins and they are rather proud to copy the west. The artist would like to show her attachment to the east and to its multiple splendors. Hence, she declares: I am an oriental woman and proud of my roots.

On the footsteps of the Phoenicians
In the name of her homeland, her heart trembles and resonates in her tender soul. Her Lebanon, sacred land steeped in history, witnessed her blossom day after day. The years have carved in her heart an invincible love, the love of her dear motherland. Byblos, the city with an irresistible charm, one of the oldest coastal Phoenicians cities, has made her heart quiver so many times. In this city is engraved the most ancient illustrations of the Phoenician’s Alphabet. One cannot help but reminisce this mesmerizing blue sea, teeming with sailboats drawing fanciful figures in the water as they are blown away by the wind. Stamped in our eyes are Byblos’ walls blackened by the years, its wide alleys, the roof of St John church, the outstanding tower, the castle of the crusaders…

Eye or gaze?
“And if I do not know anymore what I have lived, it is because your eyes did not always see me”, said Paul Eluard. The truth of existing, its elusive external reality, all can be unveiled by a look. The gaze is the most direct means of expression. It is the most direct approach of revitalizing the silent display of our emotions. Henceforth, we say that the gaze which can strike down and expose the naked heart, is the mirror of the soul.

• Mzar Intercontinental Hotel, Faraya, Lebanon, 2003
• Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel, Beirut-Lebanon, 2003
• Domino Tower Club, Beirut-Lebanon, 2000
• Station des Arts Gallery, Beirut-Lebanon, 1997

• Unesco Art Exhibition for the National Day of Fine Arts, Beirut, Lebanon, 2022
• 9th Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing, China, 2022
• 8th Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing, China, 2019:
One of her artwork, No Comment (1), has been part of Beijing International Art Museum collection of China since 2019.
• International Fine Arts Summit Sharam El Sheikh, Egypt, 2019
• AUB Byblos Bank Art Gallery, Beirut, 2016
• Visual Art Forum VII, Unesco Beirut, 2016
• Exhibition center, Muscat, Oman, 2016
• Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai-United Arab Emirates, 2003
• Beach Rotana, Abou Dhabi- United Arab Emirates, 2003
• Down-Town, Beirut-Lebanon, 2002
• Faqra Club, Faqra-Lebanon, 2002
• Al Bustan-Rotana, Dubai, UAE, 2002
• Down-Town, Beirut-Lebanon, 2001
• Maraya Gallery, Badaro, Beirut-Lebanon, 2001
• Royal Street Gallery, Paris-France, 1999
• Art Present Gallery, Paris-France, 1999
• Montserrat Gallery, Soho- Manhattan, New York, USA, 1998
• Exhibition Center, Al Doha-QATAR, 1996
• Cultural Palace, Abou Dhabi-UAE, 1996
• Biennale de l’Academie Libanaise des Beaux- Arts, Beirut-Lebanon, 1996
• Exhibitions Center (BIEL), Beirut-Lebanon, 1996
• Salon d’Automne au Musée Sursock, Beirut-Lebanon, 1995
• Salon du Printemps au Centre des Expositions (BIEL), Beirut-Lebanon, 1995
• Zouk Old Souk, Jounieh-Lebanon, 1995
• Academie Libanaise des Beaux- Arts, Beirut-Lebanon, 1994
• Daraj Al Fann, Beirut-Lebanon, 1994
• Daraj Al Fann, Beirut-Lebanon, 1993
• Academie Libanaise des Beaux- Arts, Beirut-Lebanon, 1993